How to Avoid Wearing Parents Out With School Fundraisers

The economy is slow and there are still plenty of expenses your team has, creating a need for fundraising.  When money is tight for everyone, it is important to choose a fundraiser that won’t be a financial burden to your friends and family. golf fundraising ideas There are other things you as a team can do to make your fundraiser thrive even when the economy does not.

Choose fundraisers that offer low cost products, useful discounts, or useful services. During a recession is not the time to sell high priced goods, luxury items, things people don’t need or to ask for large donations. Keep in mind that just as your team needs every dollar, your friends, family and neighbors need all of their dollars.

Some great low cost product fundraisers are cookie dough fundraisers, candy fundraisers, bake sales, and pizza card fundraisers.  Consider doing service oriented fundraisers, discount car wash fundraisers, service auctions, leaf raking fundraisers or other service oriented fundraisers that your community will find useful and worth the money they are donating to support your team.

It’s really time to pull together as a team – unite in your fundraising efforts the same way you do on the field or on the court. By organizing and really focusing your fundraising efforts, you will have greater success.

1. Set a timeline and stick to it

Set a selling period or collecting of donations period for your fundraiser that is limited – 10 to 14 days is generally a good length of time to you run your fundraiser.

2. Set individual goals and team goals

By asking each team member to sell a designated number of items or raise a certain amount, they know what they are working towards. Just like on the court or on the field – if the players don’t know the rules and expectations of the game, they won’t be able to play to win.

3. Celebrate Success

Just as when competing, it’s important for your team to celebrate victories and goals met. Whether it’s with parties or prizes or gold medals – let your team know they are doing a great job and encourage them to keep it up to the end.

Remember, the goal is to work together to raise money for the team – and if everyone is conscious of the current economic climate and works extra hard to meet the team fundraising goals – you can still have a successful fundraiser.